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Objects have character.  

The things we surround ourselves with have a story to tell about who we are, where we come from and what we value.Through my playful relationship with various materials and a passion for object-design, I explore and express myself through everyday objects. Often in my work I use the emotional value embedded in personal and familiar objects to visually communicate aspects of my bi-cultural lifestyle, such as my split national identity and culture shock. By altering, reorganizing and transforming the familiar forms of everyday items I manage to reveal emotional expression, allowing the object to come alive.


Design is everywhere.

You can discover design hidden in the details of day-to-day life. In my work I find satisfaction in reconstructing the forms of everyday objects that have become mundane and ordinary to the human eye. By modifying an object's form, I question the function and highlight the aspects of design that we tend to take for granted. On the one hand I strive to achieve a balance of beauty, simplicity and practicality, while on the other hand, I enjoy expressing my confrontations with the standards and norms of contemporary object-design.  


Altogether, I consider my work a fusion of fine art, craft and design, blending the boundaries between sculpture and utilitarian object.

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